Thank you for visiting the website of The Duck End Railway.


Extending for some 300 feet, this Gauge 1 electric line is laid around the perimeter of a modest cottage garden. It is largely single track with passing loops and incorporates many landscape features. The railway runs vintage tinplate stock, most of which was made prior to WW1.




It is sometimes suggested that garden railways are a hobby for the wealthy. Such is not the case. The photographs and descriptions within these pages illustrate the culmination of 50 years of collecting, construction, maintenance and labour. A garden railway can be started on a shoe-string with a minimum of investment in railway rolling stock. Only two things are required; an area of garden and practical enthusiasm.


Although this particular railway is ‘Gauge 1’, dependant on the area of garden at your disposal, it could equally well be ‘16mm’, ‘Gauge 0’ or even ‘00’. The main thing is to get started. As soon as those first few feet of track are laid and you can sample the joy of shunting a loco backwards and forwards in the open air, you will be hooked! Outside, there is a real feeling that your train is actually going somewhere.


The Duck End line has given me much pleasure over many years and I trust that this little site may inspire others to have a go at building their own garden railway.


Peter Strange.