Seaside Dreams 2014

Duck or Grouse 2015

Not Quite Cricket! 2016

A Winter's Mail 2017

The Church Outing 2018

Over the years the railway has been used to create a number of filmed stories. The earliest of these was 'Day Trip to Duck End', published in 1995. This was followed two years later by 'Return Ticket to Duck End'. Both these films were shot on SVHS, but regrettably the film quality is not sufficiently good for modern reproduction.


The years 2006 - 2010 were spent making an animated film for children. 'Juniper Junction' used much of the Duck End Railway stock, and is available on DVD through Amazon.


In 2014, a new series of short Duck End films was started. Entitled 'The Cyril and Daisy Adventures', these are posted on YouTube and the links are above.